Gilberto Herrera

Gilberto Herrera

Gilberto Herrera is an entrepreneur with a focus on Increasing the Brand and Financial awareness of everyone in business. He was given the “King of Scaling People” because his goal is to increase the worth of individuals nationwide with programs tailored specifically to meet and exceed their revenue goals. 

He is the author of the book, How to Scale You: Build a Brand, Leverage Marketing and Skyrocket Sales.

Since 2007, Gilberto has worked with over 2000 individuals, Fortune 500 companies, and has assisted thousands to take their mastery to the masses. In 2022, Gilberto secured partnership with Google through their Grow with Google Program to provide free Training and Tools to underserved communities in business and finance.

Gilberto has earned the reputation where companies and individuals trust for his financial expertise, marketing and business development experience and he has a successful track record to prove it. He consults with individuals and companies across the US, Canada, Panama, and Latin America, delivering the Power of Increasing Your Worth in Life and In the Marketplace. 

His story telling and strong skill as an experienced facilitator teaches seminar participants “HOW TO TECHNIQUES”, “Easy to Digest Simplistic Approach”, and “Direct Implementation Strategies” to gain the necessary skills to be successful in today’s marketplace.

In 2019, TEDx Birmingham reached out to Gilberto to be on stage and share practical ways they can improve the livelihood of others in their communities. 

Successful organizations like McDonald’s, Alabama Media Group, the American Marketing Association, Verizon Wireless, and over 100 companies have invested in his ability to increase their brand worth and revenue year over year, asking him to come back and work with them again and again. 

He is a regular contributor in GumpTown Magazine and former National TV Co-Host. The New York Finance Magazine named him as a Top Entrepreneur to Follow in 2021 and he was recently named as a 2023 Emerging Influencer by the Business Journal. He has also been featured in CBS, NBC, Fox News, Miami News, and Houston Weekly News. 

His greatest rewards come from serving the community. He serves as the President of the Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama and sits on the board of the AG Gaston Boys and Girls Club.